The first feeling you have is the strong energy emanating from the history of the house.

Sutor Chic Manor is an emblematic building with distinctive history, travelling its visitors in time. Built in the 17th century By Venetians, it passed into the property of the Ottomans, and then fell in the hands of Cretans over the last centuries. This special history it has puts it into the list of the city’s historic monuments. Its renovation deeply respected its history, as it brings out a large part of our country’s heritage.

It is located at Minos Street, a comfortable and safe alley of the old city of Rethymno, close to the forts of Fortezza Fortress.

This mansion is actually the result of joining together of two separate mansions, both of whom were renovated. The materials utilized were of high standards, so as they maintain the mansions’ style, combining the sense of the traditional with the safety and the know-how of modern technology at the same time.

This project stood out because of its thorough study on the structural materials. Now, the mansion boasts of its five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, its traditional details of archaeological importance masterfully brought back to life, its pool in the interior yard as well as a location specially designed to become a hammam. Structural materials and hydraulic mortars, all harmoniously combined in the colors of sand, created all the areas of the house. The decoration details with handmade creations and the exhibition of loom produced Cretan motifs make this project so special.

LAND SIZE: 140,30 m2

ProjectSutor Chic Manor
LocationRethymno, Greece
Design TeamNikolaos Krevatsoulis, Emmanouil Krevatsoulis, Irini Krevatsouli
PartnersAmalia Noukaki
PhotographyNikos Fragkomanolakis