In the heart of the priceless historical center of Rethymno, sprinkled with drops of Renaissance and Ottoman history, Sutor Chic Manor is an emblematic residence which reveals in every corner it’s predecessors’ secrets. The inspiration for the impressive restoration of this project came from the timeless beauty and the original authenticity of the building’s features.

The contemporary luxury residence, which was first erected circa 17th century was created after the renovation of two adjacent buildings and their successful combination in the adjoining outdoor space. It is surrounded by remarkable architectural monuments and stands proudly on their side reciting its own story, across a 210m2 surface area.

The authentic exterior facade of pozzolanic repair plaster without cement in earthy tones and the external energy efficient frames made of iroko wood in off-white color create a modern continuity in its long history. The buildings have undergone complete maintenance, restoration and interior design works that are strictly complied with the Old Town regulations.

The historical two pane entrance door, protected by an exterior glass façade testifies to its distant past and opens to the impressive interior design. The white stamped concrete flooring with emery stone, the stone arches and the wooden beams add special aesthetic value and reveal a majestic backdrop of refined simplicity.

Lined with white wooden ceilings, the spacious living room and the sun kissed kitchen made of oak wood in natural colors, are characterized by elegant luxury. The ground floor interior staircase, made also of oak and glass, ends to a light metallic staircase that leads to the impressive attic. The luxury residence features 5 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms in modest earthy tones and refined decorative elements of contemporary aesthetic that ingeniously embed the traditional and archaeological elements.

The longitudinal cantilever with its modern, sleek metallic design and the glass flooring is in harmony with the simple geometrical lines of the peaceful inner courtyard. Immersed in the granite-style white pressed concrete, the swimming pool minimal design, with a specially designed hammam area, completes the impressive architectural concept.

This is a striking resort of historical value, and every one of its details has been crafted with respect to the cultural heritage and has emerged through the preservation of memory and the loving restoration of everyday items from the Cretan tradition.

ProjectSutor Chic Manor
LocationRethymno, Greece
Design TeamNikolaos Krevatsoulis, Emmanouil Krevatsoulis, Irini Krevatsouli
PartnersAmalia Noukaki
PhotographyNikos Fragkomanolakis