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We are a innovative architect firm based on Crete.

NK Developments is an innovative proposal in the restoration of old and the setting up of new buildings, based in Crete.  Always respecting the architectural style of each building and the natural beauty of the Cretan land, we create buildings with ‘character’ and a story to tell.

We take over the renovation of old buildings, as well as the erection of new ones, using state-of-the-art materials of contemporary mechanics, always maintaining a natural result. Our main characteristic is the minimalistic version of our architecture, emphasizing on the promotion of natural materials and the beauty of the landscape, which make the visitor feel comfortable with the construction from the very first moment.

Our goal is to combine harmoniously functionality and aesthetic perfection. Our main concern is the client’s own needs. We have a friendly, professional approach, and have the ability to understand our client’s requirement. These elements coupled with a collaborative approach, result in repeat work from our core clients.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us

Winston Churchil

Every building’s architecture is basically defined by the designer’s incentives regarding the space, the landscape and the history of each location, as well as on the ability to describe these ideas through solid materials.

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Crete Island

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Crete Island – Greece
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