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We are an innovative construction firm based in Crete.

ΝΚ Development is an innovative construction company based in Crete, specializing in the renovation & restoration of old buildings as well as the construction of new residences.
Our goal for each project that we undertake is to create buildings with “character”, uniqueness, architectural superiority and endurance in time.

With respect to the morphological particularities of the landscape and the rich historical tradition of Crete, we design and build along with our experienced partners, projects of high aesthetic and functional standards that are focused on the client’s needs and harmoniously blend in any landscape.

Each restoration, renovation project or new building is based on our vision for the creation of structures with new perspectives, serving contemporary requirements and satisfy the need for refined luxury. For this reason, we use materials of high construction value and utilize all means of contemporary engineering concentrating on minimalist architecture and highlighting natural landscape.

For the realization of each project, our main focus are the operational needs as well as the aesthetic requirements of our clients. They set the tone in order for us to harmoniously combine functionality with aesthetic perfection, in a space that will bear the “stamp” of its owners featuring supreme comfort and luxury.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us

The beauty and unique character of a building are not only a matter of construction. It is in a constant interaction with its history, it’s environment as well as the people that live within it.

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Crete Island

Stamathioudaki A. 58, Rethymnon, 74132
Crete Island – Greece
Phone : +30 6973-333885
Email : nikoskrev@gmail.com