A beautiful Cretan olive grove in Skaleta, Rethymno, was the inspiration for designing Arbora Olea Luxury Resorts, an impressive complex of three luxury villas in a wonderful expanse of 10.000 sq.m. The three villas took their names from the three finest Cretan olive varieties of the olive trees which exquisitely adorn this amazing complex: Tsunati, Koroneiki, Agrielia.

Architecture harmoniously blends with Mediterranean nature and the respect for local tradition is evident throughout the accommodation with the addition of minimal decorative details of the past and objects from our rich cultural heritage. The Cretan aura is diffused through the air and balances with the contemporary design, offering an excellent aesthetic effect.

The initial goal for this particular project was to achieve a seamless transition between outdoors and indoors. The careful study of construction and building orientation ingeniously absorbs the bright sunshine that enters the space all around and is diffused to the welcoming indoor area showering it with ample light and mellow coziness.

The main materials are stone, marble and glass, creating a dynamic, powerful effect. Built on a prominent position with unobstructed views, each 150 m2 villa is harmoniously divided in 3 levels. These are connected with a specially designed indoor staircase, an open space sitting area and kitchen in earthy tones on the first floor. At the ground floor, the 2 spacious bedrooms in soft tones feature ensuite bathrooms with white tile giving the impression of marble radiating a grand elegance; another remarkable bedroom is located at the attic with a gorgeous free-standing tub. All the first-floor areas lead through large openings directly to the atrium and the serenity of the olive grove, while the bedroom with private bathroom for people with disabilities opens up to a balcony, specially designed and constructed of glass, in order to offer unobstructed views.

The exterior architecture composition, with white industrial floor, local black stone and neutral colors set the main aesthetic palette and create a calming environment. At the elegant outdoor area of each villa there are two swimming pools with jacuzzi showered by a waterfall in the embrace of the ancient olive trees, creating a true paradise on earth.

The architectural design scope was to resourcefully combine natural elements, in order to integrate to the graceful majesty of the natural environment such a sophisticated building. The warm aesthetic in interior design, the carefully placed playful lighting of sunshine during the day and artificial lights at night as well as the minimal clear lines are pleasantly balanced with the harmony of the natural environment creating a discreet sense of luxury.

LAND SIZE: 10.215,42 m2

ProjectArbora Luxury Resorts
LocationRethymno, Greece
Design TeamNikolaos krevatsoulis, Emmanouil Krevatsoulis, Irini Krevatsouli
PartnersAmalia Noukaki
PhotographyNikos Fragkomanolakis